Monday, 20 July 2015

When You Were Young

I figured it's been long enough since I've used a Killers song as a title, so please excuse my loose connections, as it's been getting harder and harder to come up with decent song titles. Sorry :P

Brandon Flowers once sang about how sometimes, the expectations or dreams of what we had 'when (we) were young' sometimes don't come in the packages we expect. He sings about how we just wait for that which we want to come, almost believing it will come without work, and when it finally happens, it's not necessarily in the same way we always dreamed of it. I guess what I try to say by this, is sometimes, we want things to work out perfectly, or for us to get exactly what we want, without necessarily having to do the work for it; that, or we are so darn keen on a certain unfolding of events, that we will not except anything else as the answer or solution. 

This week, we encountered this problem with our investigator, Djone, who is sooooooooo close to baptism. We'd previously had the goal of this past Saturday, but due to a smoking problem, it's been pushed back, and we're aiming hard for this week. Funny enough, in progressing him to baptism, the main problem hasn't been his smoking, but his strong desire to have a child and a wife (well, more a woman than a wife, but we're working on that...). It seems that, no matter what direction we take lessons with him, they always end up back at his worries that, if he gets baptized and keeps the Law of Chastity , he'll never find a wife, or that if he marries a woman, she might not be able to have kids, and basically, if there's a worry about it, he has it. It feels like every time we sit down with him, we just repeat to him the same answers, that Heavenly Father will help him out, if he's willing to keep the commandments, but in constantly teaching that, I guess it's something I'm really beginning to learn for myself. When Heavenly Father gives us a commandments, like living the Law of Chastity, he doesn't do so so that we won't get to have kids or a wife or things like that, but he does so that when we follow him and keep his commandments, he can bless us! For me, it's been both a frustrating and cool experience, in teaching from such a stand point, because it's really taught me that Heavenly Father will never let us down, and I know he's not gunna let Djone down. We just gotta help him get it! 

Elder Pettingill and I did have a good week this week though, and we worked freaking hard for it! For the first time ever on my mission, we taught 20 lessons with a member present (because of Danny, our boss member) and it was pretty darn rad. Something that's getting to be tough about our area however is the frequency of soccer games, and how many people go to them. They hold soccer games on Wednesday, Saturday AND Sunday, and EVERYBODY goes, meaning on those days, our work is a little thin. Elder Pettingill and I altered up our usual schedule a bit so that we could be out a little bit more in the morning when people should, in theory, be home, and take our lunch in the afternoon, when everyone is at the 'jogos'. On Saturday, however, we made the mistake of heading down to one of the lower zones that is part of our area in the morning, only to find basically everyone was in the field working, or down at the beach. That was a rather quiet morning. 

As for funny stories this week, leeeeeet me think... hmmmm.
One thing Elder Pettingill and I have been having fun with is a laser pointer that was left behind by his last companion. Whether 'having fun' means messing with kids, cats, the occasional dog, and sometimes a small spider, it's been rather interesting. We've been able to get a group of 5 kids SOLID going hard trying to get the dang light. It's been a good amount of fun for us. 

Anyways, that's been my week! Hope y'all had a rad one! 

Elder Massey

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