Monday, 12 October 2015

Hard Day's Night

While we might not have been quite like John Lennon when he sang that he'd "been workin' like a dog", this week has been a good one in the sense that it was easily our hardest working week of the past transfer, which was good. This week was especially good in that we decided to stop playing our bad luck as a just circumstance, and made sure that this week we got our work DONE!
At the beginning of this week, we looked ahead and knew it was going to be a tougher one to actually hit our goals, because we knew that Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday were all going to be gong shows, due to various events happening, as well as Sunday being transfer Sunday, so at the start of the week, we set out to make sure that, despite all these things going on, we would do everything in our power to do get that which we wanted done.
Looking back, we ended up having a pretty blessed week. Both Tuesday and Wednesday, we were very blessed by the Lord to get a bunch of lessons, a bunch of new investigators, and have fun while doing it. It was almost scary on Tuesday, how much luck we were having, because we seemed to be finding people to teach with incredible accuracy. We had gone out to Tinteira, and basically whenever we go out there, it's just us begging people to talk to us; it's pretty hard to mark specific appointments when we only go out there once a week. Anyways, as we passed by people, we managed to find people in there houses what felt like left and right, and just as we needed to as well. I think the coolest part was we had taught 3 lessons and figured we'd just wander around and find new people, when I decided to double back one more time and try this one house of a guy we've been trying to find again for a while, who I'd received as a reference a bit back. It was like all the way back where we had just come from, so it wasn't something I necessarily wanted to do, but as we passed this guy's house, he was JUST walking out the door, and we made eye contact with him, and he was like, "Elders, I'm just leaving to head out right now" and I was like, "come on man, you got just 10 minutes?" and as he thought about it, he was like, "okay, fine, I can do that", and even though it was only 10 minutes, it turned out to be a super good and super simple lesson. I walked out of that lesson knowing that Heavenly Father GAVE us that lesson like straight out of his hand, and to make things even freakier, as soon as we walked out, the bus we use to get back to Cova Figueira passed by, and we caught it. Like, what?? Can't call THAT one coincidence! Hahaha
Another awesome part about this week was we managed to find 8 new investigators, which is pretty crazy to think about; we were super blessed to find new people. Gotta say the most random new person we found was a guy we started to talk to at this one random house, who said he lives in Florida, and as we started to talk to him, found out that he actually worked at Disney World too! How random is that, a Cape Verdean who worked at Disney World?? Hahaha. We taught him a good, simple lesson too, and he was super responsive and accepting. Seems like he's a boss.
One of the things I mentioned that happened this week that would've held back our working time was the fact we had Zone Meeting on Friday, all the way in Sao Filipe, which meant we would leave super early, and get back at like 5 or 6, which is tough on the work day. In our Zone Meeting, the Zone Leaders told us that the mission is changing up our daily focuses just a bit, in that we changed from trying to get 10 contacts and 3 lessons every day, to 15 contacts and 5 lessons, as well as getting an investigator family to church every Sunday. With that all said, that is NOT easy in our area, and I was kinda freaking out a bit, cuz I have no clue how to go out and hit all of those every single day, but the Lord gave us a tender mercy this week in that we had a brand new investigator family come to church this Sunday, which was SICK! It's kinda crazy, cuz a whole bunch of little things started to pop up here and there, and I know it was the Lord doing it for us.
Side note to flaunt my pride a little bit, because I need to just a bit, I asked the Zone Leaders the past week to do a special number at our Zone Meeting on my harmonica, and I totally did. Could say I blew the Zone away with it, or at least that's what I like to think :) haha
While it's been a good, hard working week, it's been a super fun one for us. This week brought the end of the transfer, and also the end of our District Leader, Elder Reid, who goes home this week, with a few of my past companions. After the next couple days, Elder Mason will be my only 'living' companion! But, with the departure of Elder Reid brings another greenie into Cova Figueira, who will serve with Elder Cosmo, which means I get to be the big man in charge in Cova Figueira (aka, district leader). I'm stoked about what this next transfer has got for us.
Love y'all!
Elder Massey

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