Monday, 9 November 2015

Joy Ride

Kinda felt like Brandon Flowers was singing the soundtrack to this week's rip. In all honesty, this week WAS a strange week, but the blessings from this week were a sure heck ton. It was a pretty darn good week.

One of the main reasons this week was so strange was due to the fact that Elder Mason and I had legitimately one day of regular work in our area. However, we managed to hit ALL of our goals we set (more or less), and saw many benefits from our labors this week. 
Chowing down with Elder Mason
 The roller coaster started last Monday night, when the Zone Leaders told me they'd be coming over the next day to go on a division with Elder Mason and I, both in our own area. This proved kinda stressful at first, cuz we had planned out ONE solid day for ONE dupla of elders, but had not planned out exactly how we would have TWO days for TWO duplas, so the next morning took a significant amount of praying and thought to make sure we could figure out a way for two duplas to work in our area. In the end, when they came, Elder Mason and Elder F. Santos, from Portugal, went with the scheduled plan for the day, and I took Elder Rodrigues, from Praia, around our area in Lapinha in Cova, and even though we had scheduled NOTHING with anyone, we ended up teaching 8 lessons that day alone, which was a new record for me in a day. It was a lot of fun, cuz Elder Rodrigues was being pretty pushy with people to get lessons, like, 'come on, lets just talk, 5 minutes, that's all, 5 minutes' and they'd all be like, 'man, I don't got time, I gotta take a bath' and I'd come in and play good cop, and be all like, 'Aww man, I getcha man, no worries, sounds like you had a rough day' and chat them up and bit and then be like, 'hey man, we know you've got time for a couple prayers and a short message, can we go sit in your house for just a sec?' and they'd usually give in. It was a bunch of time. Rodrigues and I made a good team! 

The next day, I had to do some baptismal interviews for the other Elders in our district, so right after the Zone Leaders left Wednesday morning, we met up with the other elders, and I went out with Elder Silva, from Portugal; he's a greenie too. SO, that meant Elder Mason and I had two consecutive days not working with each other. It was weird :P While I was up in their area, I convinced one of their recent converts to make a cover for my Portuguese Bible, and I must say, it's pretty incredible and lame at the same time :P I love it, but I'm sure if y'all saw it, you'd just be like 'really?'. The mission makes you appreciate the little things! 

Thursday brought Zone Meeting for us, which was fun. The Zone Leaders had asked me the day before if I could play another hymn on the harmonica for the zone, so I prepped a mash up of Praise to the Man with We Thank Thee O God For a Prophet, and since I didn't have a whole lot of time to prep, i t was VERY not perfect, but to make matters worse, as I was playing it, I looked out and saw Elder McMullin making faces at me, and it made me mess up :P I think it still went well for the most part though :)
Zone Meeting
The end of the week was where things started to smooth out. We went out to Tinteira on Friday and had an investigator there tell us he knew that what we taught was true, which was incredible to hear, and we also had a bunch of less active people there promise us they would come to church on Sunday. Sure enough, as Sunday rolled around, we had 6 people from Tinteira show up, having walked an hour in the heat to come, which was not only incredible, but they apologized to us for not bringing more! They told us next week they're going to bring even more to church. I think that was just about the best part of this week, seeing those people walk to come to church for the first time in MONTHS for many of them, and it caused for our ward to have the highest frequency it's had since I came to this area. It was so awesome :) 

One funny thing from the week I guess, on Saturday we were with a member, who told me that I had to give a 20 minute talk in church the next day, and thought that I knew about it. To my surprise, no one had gotten the message through to me, and so Sunday morning, I had to prep a 20 minute talk about missionary work, but to my luck, as the time passed in Sacrament Meeting, I only had to give 10 minutes of it :P the final speaker didn't end up having any time like at all :P Cape Verdeans don't like to go over the hour on Sacrament Meeting, so....

It's been a pretty rad week. Hoping for it to be even more rad this week!! 
Love y'all!!

Elder Massey

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