Tuesday, 1 December 2015

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

Kinda like Bono, I guess I've 'climbed the highest mountains' and 'scaled these city walls' having been in Cova Figueira for so long, but as my mission president suggested to me in a letter today, I'm still here because 'I still haven't found what I'm looking for', and for that reason, I get to stay here to figure out exactly what it is the Lord would teach me here.

With that said, this week has been doing exactly as such, trying to find out exactly why the Lord has kept me here in Cova Figueira just a bit longer. One of the first things that brought me to was a gospel study on repentance, mostly for the purpose of sharing with our less active members, and it brought me again to one of my favorite scriptures, in Alma 36, verses 17 through to 20, which talk about the complete joy and love that Alma felt, as he truly turned himself to the Lord, and how doing so caused him to forget the bitterness of his pain. In a small way, this taught me that the Lord really does have great joy stored up for me, I just need to turn to him to let it him give it to me. In doing so, I thought about the statement, 'whether you can or you can't, you're right'. I guess this week was important for me, cuz it's helped me gain the attitude I need to keep in staying in this area a bit longer. 

We were able to see a few small miracles in our area this week. We have one less active woman, named Eduarda, who all the members had told us to pass by and talk to a few weeks back, having just gone recently inactive. In the first visit we made to her house, she was more or less apprehensive, told us she didn't have time, etc. , yet we still taught her; that was a few weeks ago. Over time, she's slowly been warming up to us, until this week, when, on Friday or Saturday night, accepted the invitation to come to church again. We passed her on Sunday morning before we went, and she told us she wasn't going to come because she 'didn't have shoes to wear to church', but we talked her through it, and told her she was coming to church. It was so awesome to see when I sat down at the piano in Sacrament Meeting and looked at the congregation, and saw her sitting with her kids. It was freaking boss. 

This week, I also had the opportunity to go on a division with Elder Cosmo to his area in Estancia Roque so we could do a couple baptismal interviews, which was fun. I love going back to Estancia Roque every once and a while, and it's always so much fun because everybody there just gives the elders food, like all over the place. I think I had 5 different cobs of corn in two different houses, as well as some cookies cooked in egg (kinda weird) and some fresh goat cheese (also weird), as well as some little treats and dinner too. I never leave there hungry :P Elder Cosmo is also a lot of fun to hang out with, he's from Brazil and is a bit more reserved, but when we've had as long as we've had in the same district together, we get along pretty well. It's fun cuz I always get a little test on my Portuguese when I go out with him, since he speaks like no English, and he happens to have a beautiful Brazilian accent as well. 
This week also brought Zone Conference for us, which was good. We had the opportunity to hear from the Assistants, and President and Sister Mathews. Sister Mathews just rocks it every single dang time she gets up, like her trainings are so good. She gave a training on Chapter 4 of Preach my Gospel, and I thought I knew what it was all about, but she proved me wrong cuz she pretty well expounded straight doctrine to us. It was good. We also learned how to make like missionary shirts out of paper to give to people for like commitments and such. The last thing I thought I would be doing on my mission would have been making cute little paper shirts, but the mission really does change ya I guess. 
Rding in the Hiace - Elder Cosmo sleeping in the back seat!
Rock throwing never grows old!
Love y'all! Have a good week! 
The Lone Elder Massey

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