Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Keep the Car Running

It's been one week of being an office elder, and let me tell ya, it is EXHAUSTING! Hahaha. There's been so much that's happened this week that I'm not sure if an overly-long blog post will really do it that much justice, but we'll see how it goes.

When I was called as office elder, I had this image in my head of being stuck behind a computer 24/7 just typing away, but I couldn't be more wrong. I learned very early on that, if anybody in the mission needs SOMETHING to be done, we're the ones who get the call. I'd never taken so many taxi rides in my life, going to pay bills, buy or cancel boat tickets, look at houses for missionaries to move in to, you name it, we do it! During the week though, we had a crazy sweet blessing, when we met up with President and Sister Mathews to make an executive decision on what sheets to buy for new missionaries, when President told us, 'you know, for all the running  around you guys do, you might as well use that last senior couple's car that we still own', SO, we became the only missionaries in the mission WITH THEIR OWN CAR :D it's really quite powerful. With all the errands we have to run, it's easy to say that we have to 'keep the car running', because there's ALWAYS something to do :) 
A lot of this week was about me learning my new responsibilities here in the office, which are many. I learned how to make online bank transfers to pay for housing rent, power, and water. I also get to buy plane tickets and boat tickets when transfers come around, or when President or the Assistants need to go anywhere, aaaaaand deal with any missionaries that call needing things. I had no clue so many people needed so many things. Sometimes my mind gets caught up in it and then I get like super stressed and I wanna throw a tantrum but then I realize I can't do that cuz like, I'm supposed to be an adult so I guess that's just not socially acceptable?? I had a few days this week where President came in and just sat at the computer with me for hours teaching me things, and I can easily say I've never had a relationship with my mission President like I do now, so that's pretty rad. 
  One of the glories of being an office elder is, since we're running around so much, we do pass by many of the best places in Praia to eat quite often. There's a chain bakery here called Pão Quente, meaning hot bread, and they have like EVERYTHING. it's basically like lame Tim's, and we eat there quite frequently.

I'd easily say the best part about this calling is being with Elder Penner (codename: Penbaby Sunshine). When I found out I'd be his comp, I was like, stoked and stuff, but I didn't realize how glorious it would be! It's quite easy to say that we complete each other. He feeds me the music and TV references I so dearly miss, and I cook him the stir-fries and grilled cheese sandwiches that make him happy. It ain't easy being an office elder, but I'm pretty sure I got the best comp in the mission for it. Nightly planning sessions take a long time cuz we just go off into rants or pop culture references that go for a while, and then we have to bring it all back again. 
Penbaby Sunshine - aka Elder Penner
As for our actual area and missionary work (cuz I AM a missionary still), we work in an area called Casa Lata, but most of our investigators live in an area called Tira Chápeu. I thought that Bela Vista was like a sketchier, poorer area of Praia, but Casa Lata and Tira Chápeu are defs sketchier. Not that anything crazy goes on, but it's sad to see some of the living conditions of the people here. We had a humbling moment last night when we contacted a guy who has his mattress just laying outside of a front door, cuz that's where he lives and sleeps. Because of our miscellaneous responsibilities, we are only able to get out to work after 6 or sometimes 7pm, but with the time we have, we make it worth it. Being with Elder Penner, I feel like I'm having the most enjoyable time while teaching on my mission so far. It's been the first time for me since being senior companion where I feel that everything we're doing is completely equal, and the Spirit we have in our lessons is honestly so cool; Penbaby and I are crushing it every opportunity we have. We don't have many progressing investigators at the time, but we're finding new people almost every single day, and we've found some people who are genuinely interested. There's been quite a few times this week where we walk out of lessons and look at each other like, 'that was really really good'. It's honestly so much fun. I freakin' love serving with Elder Penner.

On a funnier side, I've been trying to start a small trend throughout the mission. For a while now, I've being using the word 'powerful' as an adjective to describe a majority of things in my life, and now that I get to talk with a large part of the mission on a regular basis, I'm getting it to spread even more. It really started last transfer, with the sisters in my district, and now it's catching on like wild fire! Every once and a while I hear tales of ZLs on other islands using it in nightly calls. It's the little things that bring happiness in this life :) 
Love y'all! Have a swellllllll week :) 
Elder Massey, Financial Secretary of the 

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