Thursday, 17 March 2016

Do I Wanna Know?

So, now that I've been in the office about a month now, I'm starting to get used to my more-or-less normal responsibilities, until this week when I got a new responsibility thrown my way: TRANSFERS. 

Part of my job in the office is to get all the flights and stuff for stuff going around the mission when transfers come up here in two weeks, and I got to start on it a few days ago. While it's super fun and cool and stuff, it does have it's draw backs. As I'm sure it works in every mission, everyone gets SUPER stoked to find out transfers before they happen; it's sorta like a game, you try and find out what you can, get rumors going, etc., and admittedly, I was a strong player in the game in the past. I looooved to find out what I could, spread what I heard, just the general comings and goings of the sort. However, this past week, I entered into a personal, conflicting struggle in which I had my responsibilities placed before me, and I knew I couldn't say a word about it. For those who know me well, I'm terrible at keeping a secret, and I've been given the trust to keep a mission-wide secret, if only for 2 or 3 weeks. I always thought it would be so cool to know everything going on with transfers, but now I'm starting to wonder, 'do I really wanna know?'. It's true when they say ignorance is bliss :P 

So, aside from having missionaries harass us every time we get a phone call, it's been a solid week! This week I really noticed the Lord's hand in our work as we went about doing what we do. I had a few moments this week where the Spirit really confirmed to me that the Lord knows our situation exactly. He understands that, being in the office, we don't have very much time to work, so he helps us in the work we are able to get done. We worked a lot this week with 3 of our dates we had marked, Adi, Carmalito, and Denis, and for the first time in my mission, I think I had 3 investigators reading the Book of Mormon consistently at the same time. It's been very cool to see. He gets exactly what we have to do, and so the people we've been teaching, he's been teaching in our absence too. 

By the time Sunday rolled around, the Lord helped us a lot in helping us get 6 investigators to church. We've been working a lot with 2 different couples, who have been showing up to church quite frequently. One of these couples has been going to church for so long, that the ward considers them to be members! The only reason they aren't baptized yet is because they are immigrants to Cape Verde, and haven't been able to get all the identification and papers they need so they can be legally married here. However, this past week, they let us know that F├ítima, the woman, had her brother let her know he found a lot of documents, specifically the ones they need, and that they should be here in about a month. Maybe Penbaby Sunshine and I will get to have a wedding here in the future! WOO! 

Sorry if the update is a little shorter than usual, time is short today. Waiting at the airport for 2 hours while getting stuff sorted out sure takes time out of your Pday! 

Love y'all!! 
Elder Massey

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