Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Why Do I Keep Counting?

Thankfully, this week was a LOT more chill than last week's. Doesn't mean we worked any less hard, just got a solid amount more rest, which is very important :)

This week we had interviews with President, which was rad because it was basically like hanging out with Sister Mathews while waiting nervously for your turn of judgement. In reality though, all went really well. I talked to President a bit about how I can make sure these next 6 months of my mission can be some of my best, and he talked about making sure I'm always progressing and not stopping. We also talked about making sure that our area is doing the exact same thing, meaning that we aren't just teaching lessons to teach them, but that they are going towards a person's progression. The highlight of the interview though was when President told me that he and Sister Mathews are gunna take us out for lunch one of these days. I'm stoked for that :) 

After our interviews though, Elder Penner and I had some time to think about the work we're doing in our area, and have decided to begin a sort of re-haul of our investigator pool. Rather than teaching lessons just to count them, we want to make sure we're focusing on finding those people who are ready and willing to progress, and if they aren't, then to push them a little further back in line, and focus on other people. As a result, by the end of the week, we had fewer lessons in total than any other week which we'd had together, but at the same time, we didn't feel like that was a problem, because the lessons that we taught, were lessons that really mattered. It was boss. 

 We had a couple cool experiences this week. One of them was with a newer investigator we have, named Patrick. I don't remember if I've talked about him or not, but he's the buddy of one of our less active members, and he's super stoked about the gospel. We had started teaching him a few weeks back, but couldn't find him again after a few visits, mostly due in part to the fact we didn't know where his house was :P we ran into him again this week, and came back to teach him the next day, and when we started teaching, we mentioned something about baptism in our lesson, and he was like, 'hey, you guys said I'm getting baptized on the 16th, right?' (which we had marked him for), and he proceeded to tell us how he'd begun to read a bit in the Book of Mormon, and recounted for us a bit about the Joseph Smith story from what he read, and a bit of what he read in 1 Nephi. We remarked him for the 30th of this month, conditional of course on him coming to church, and are going back tonight to teach him again. Sometimes I think Heavenly Father puts people in our path that we had taught but forgot about, just to sorta say, 'don't forget about this guy, you need to help him'. Patrick seems like one of those kinda guys. 

Another cool lesson from this week is a sorta similar thing, we taught a new investigator named Manu, who we had contacted in the past, but never found him again. On Saturday, we got to teach him finally, and he was super receptive to our lesson. It totally clicked for him, the whole idea that he could read in the Book of Mormon. He's only available to talk on weekends, but he took our number and was like, 'any day this week that I'm free, I'll call you guys!'. The real highlight though was on Sunday, when we were sitting and restructuring our battle plan for who to teach, when he saw us from his mom's store, and shouted, 'hey Elders!' and gave a juice for free. I was like 'we're not gunna buy today, sorry' and he was like 'no worries, I got you guys'. It's good to have people in high places. 

The dumb questions we get from other missionaries are getting fewer, but they still come in. It's always nice when you have an elder tell you that you did not, in fact, refund him for the last time he bought gas for his stove, when we can look at bank transactions and tell him that, as a matter of fact, it did, but he still won't believe you. Sometimes little rants are needed, like that one :) 

Love y'all! 
Elder Massey

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