Friday, 8 May 2015

Normal Person

  Scenes from Maio

Win Butler asks us the question, 'is anything as strange as a normal person?'
The world around is is FILLED to the brim with these normal people, people that want to follow what the world has, and what the world tells them to do. Now, you would think that maybe there's a chance that, being on an island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean would give you the chance of getting away from the world, but in reality, it's just about impossible to get away from. All we really have to ask ourselves is, 'if we're normal too', just as Win Butler asks.
And do we wanna be normal people? HECK no!
For some reason, Maio has turned into normal people CENTRAL this week! First of all, we knew that the 3rd of May party was coming up (that was the one where people were going around dancing in the streets at houses and asking for money and stuff), but we really weren't expecting for all that happened to happen.

For the early part of the week, it was all pretty normal business. Elder Martinez and I dropped Elder Stone off at the very small Maio airport on Tuesday, and after he left, we became the only two elders in the mission (or so we believe) to have an island all to ourselves.It's pretty darn cool when you think about it.
                                                      Saying Goodbye to Elder Stone

 We've continued to work with Louisa this week, keeping her on track, but she had a friend pass away, so it became hard to find her for a few days. We had her at church again yesterday though which was awesome! 

We've also been working with Chano and Milcialita, as always, and eating some dang good food there. One new development at there house is the appearance of a baby goat, named Steve, who was born something like a week or two ago, and they're housing him til he's strong enough or big enough or whatever.
 I thought it was so funny, I've never seen a goat as a house pet before! Missionary-wise, we're continuing to work with them to getting married, and one part of that was talking with them this week about our own families. Elder Martinez and I brought pictures of our families with us and talked about what they meant to us, the examples that our parents have been for us, and how they've helped us become the people we are today. There's been a noticeable difference with Chano and Milcialita these past few weeks as they've really been reading the scriptures and      growing closing together. Maybe Steve helped them too, who knows?
Towards the end of the week, the work started to wash out a bit. On Friday, May 1st was 'Worker's Day' here in Cape Verde, which meant NO ONE was at home, but they were all having picnics on beaches at various points on the island. The night before, however, was some kind of concert that happened to be held RIGHT outisde our house, which was VERY loud, and meant that we didn't fall asleep til about 12 or 1am. Let me tell ya, that 6:30am alarm sure came early...

Then, on Saturday, all those 'normal people' who happened to go partying were still a little stiff from the day before, including a few of our investigators. One night, we ran into one of our investigators, Iata, near the church, so we took him on a brief tour of our new chapel and such, but MAN, Iata was more drunk than I've just about seen anyone EVER. He walked into the church, saw a picture of Christ and his disciples, and got all quiet, did the whole Catholic-cross thingy, and bowed his head and started mumbling, and we told him, 'hey, man, you don't have to do that...' but he just did his thing, and when he was done having his moment, looked up and went, 'okay, I'm all good' and then we turned him around to keep going through the church, when he saw a picture of the Second Coming, and he threw his arms in the air, and went 'MY BROTHER', and proceeded to have another moment. He ALSO kissed another picture in the church. By the end of the tour, I felt straight up sick because of the alcohol on his breath, like holy it was bad. I had to put my Book of Mormon to my nose to cover from smelling it!
Sunday was more or less the same deal, with people partying all over different streets. We decided to pass by Nelson, who had told us earlier in the week he might me going to the army, so we decided to see if he'd gone or not, but when we showed up at his house, his mom sat us down, and told us he's gone straight up rogue. Like, earlier this week, the guy had to be just about the happiest guy on the island, like he was seriously glowing, but apparently the past couple days, he's been stealing phones, selling them, getting into drugs, hiding out in houses, like apparently the guy has cops after him because so many people have gone to the cops about stuff he's taken from them, and this has just been over 2 or 3 days! Elder Martinez and I were thoroughly shocked when we heard what was going on with him. I'll keep ya posted on developments as they follow.
So, moral of the story, is we don't want to be normal people. It's often been said about members of the church that we are a peculiar people, and honestly, I can't think of a more fitting title for how I feel sometimes in Maio. I wouldn't trade being a peculiar person for being a normal person ANY day!
It's amazing how incredible the work of the Lord can be!

Elder Massey

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