Tuesday, 12 May 2015

We're Going to be Friends

Just as Jack White sings about experiencing his first day of school and saying, 'We don't notice any time pass', when we have fun in the work, it works exactly the same! It is way more enjoyable to always make friends while we work, because if we do, then the work doesn't seem to be work!

With that, we have two real options in our missionary work: we can either work to get numbers, or we can go out to work with the love of our Savior. In going on a mission, they always tell you that you need to love the people, and before this week, I might not have really understood what that meant, but I think I'm starting to get it.
More than anything, this week we did a lot of just talking to people on the street, getting to know them, and just helping people understand that, while we're still missionaries, we too are just regular people, underneath our sometimes stiff white shirts and rather out-of-place dress. Something Elder Martinez has been helping me understand is that we don't need to just go up to them and abruptly tell them about religion, but how to get on a similar level to the people here, so that we can just better relate to them. One lesson this week, I just talked with one of our investigators, who happens to be 18 as well, about math and physics and just whatever, which was just kinda fun, and different than how I've been approaching the work prior to this, really.
                      The sign on the door reads "Strange People Prohibited from Entering...."

                                      Let's try that again....    Guess they are just too strange!!!!  

In getting to be friends with people, there's a LOT of room to have more fun with the people here. We've had a couple days where we spent time at Louisa's house, because we've been re-teaching her the 5 lessons that we go over with people, and Elder Martinez has gained a the nickname of 'Chinese' from her, since the people here aren't all that used to seeing Hispanic people, and even though he tried to deny it, she continues to call us 'Massey and Chinese'. 
 (likely the explanation as to why they weren't permitted entry in the photo above!!  haha)

In our continuing work with our Branch Mission Leader, Joao, we always seem to get classic moments with him. In walking around with him, we asked him about his plans to get married and such, as he is 33 and single, and he informed us that he wants us to help him in his search, and told us that there is an abundance of single LDS girls 'back in America' that are just waiting to find someone to marry, but they can't because there aren't enough LDS guys (not true), and so he wants us to tell girls back home about him, in hopes that he can find a wife of his own. We tried to explain to him that there aren't exactly girls back home just waiting around to marry a random Cape Verdean who doesn't speak all that much English, and who doesn't have a real career, but he told us that we're wrong and that there are many waiting. So, in a plea of help, if there are ANY within the sound of my voice (*cough* internet blog) that want to marry a 33 year old guy from Maio, let me know! Hahaha
Also, in our work with Chano and Milcialita, we've continued to make friends beyond the bounds of the human race, as we've come to make quite good friends with their pet goat, Steve, who, in his growth, produces a large amount of bodily fluids, and so, we've broadened our work with these two from gospel perspectives to helping them clean up from that which Steve leaves behind! I'm also starting to pick up a third language here, other than Portuguese and Creole, with that being goat-bleating. I hope to come home fluent!

       Looking tough with the baby bottle!  Goat feeding brings out that tough side in everyone!

So, that more or less describes our week; it's been a week of working hard and having a lot of fun along the way!
I love all y'all, and even though my Canadian accent may be diminishing (as according to my beloved family), I hope all is going well in your various parts of the world!
Elder Massey

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