Thursday, 13 August 2015


 (No new pictures for the past couple of weeks.  His SD card has acquired a virus....hoping we get some new ones next week!)

' I've got the most important line for you ' once sang Tyler Bancroft of Said the Whale. I'm starting to feel a little bit like him some days, seeing as how that's exactly what I'm trying to tell everybody here that I'm teaching, and I just want them so badly to get it. Sometimes, it's a bit tough though.

This week, we had Zone Meeting with all the other missionaries on the island of Fogo here in Cova Figueira, and we had the focus of making sure we're really focusing our investigators in on baptism, which, in reality, is not something I've been doing a good job at. I've been more or less just teaching people with the hope they'll just decide to get baptized, and maybe inviting those who seem like they're genuinely interested, but now, I've started telling EVERYONE what Tyler Bancroft told me to tell them, and that this is 'the most important line'. After Zone Meeting, with the 3 remaining days in the week, I was able to go out and double the amount of dates we had marked for baptism. (Maaaaaay have marked an inactive-member-turned-Adventist guy for baptism, but that's besides the point for now... )

Currently, I'm in a members home typing while the President of Cape Verde is leading a cooking show on TV.. not too sure why he's got his own cooking show, but I guess he must be a good cook!

The reason why I have to write from a member's house this week is because, yesterday, on P-day, Cape Verde went down with a 'National Crisis', where legit ALL the internet went down EVERYWHERE. In the whole country. Maybe that's not exactly a national crisis, but just to give perspective of the country I'm living in, it IS possible for the internet to go out on all 9 of the inhabited islands. Yup. 

As for the work I'm doing, I'm pretty darn exhausted. With my mini, I've continued to do a lot fo the work. It's gotten to the point where I feel like I'm sorta dragging him around, which isn't entirely his fault, since he's not really a full-on missionary, but I'll be running around trying to find lessons, and he just walks like 10 steps behind joking around with Dani, our Ward Mission Leader. I miss having a legit comp, buuuuut it is giving me the opportunity to work even harder. I've never had to work harder in my life than these past few weeks. AP Calculus in Grade 12 does come as a close second though.. hahaha

Even though it is tough right now, I too have to put my trust in Heavenly Father as he sings a little bit like Tyler as he's telling me that, even though it ain't easily, that this 'is the most important line' for me, cuz no matter how tough it is, how depressed I might feel some days, or how exhausting it might be, there is NO WHERE I would rather be right now. I'm having a blast, an exhausting, exhausting blast. 
Love y'all!
Elder Massey


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