Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Another's Arms

Chris Martin once sang, 'Is there someone there to reach me, or someone there to find me?'
Sometimes we feel like we're calling out, looking for something to help us, and it feels like nothing is coming. However, we can ALL find what we're looking for in Another's Arms... and that person happens to Jesus Christ :)
This week we spent our time in the work of helping people find those arms outstretched to all, and whether or not we made a difference on paper or not, our work is always doing as such. Something I'm continually working to realize is not that I'm here to teach a certain amount of people, a certain amount of lessons, or a certain amount of baptisms, but to continually push those around me into the arms of our Savior Jesus Christ, and when somebody can recognize that, the feeling is incredible.
This week was pretty simple and regular work wise, but there were definitely a couple cool experiences. One day this week, we went down to our lower zone, Maria de Cruz and Domingo Lobo, and we managed to teach 4 different lessons, 3 of which I managed to convince the people to sit down and talk with me 'for jsut 5 minutes'. One of the things I love about saying that, is I always preface that with, 'we'll only take 5 minutes, when you don't have any more time, you let us know, and we'll end', but the incredible thing is, it doesn't matter how much time we take once we've started that lesson, because the people we're teaching feel that Spirit, and will attently listen for 10, 15, or 20 minutes or more, to the message we have, without a problem of taking more than we had originally agreed upon. This week, I think I came to the conclusion that this happens because they can feel that sweet spirit that we bring, and genuinely want to hear. It's pretty darn cool how the Spirit works sometimes.
In examples of investigators feeling or recognizing that, we had a pretty cool experience with one of my investigators, Ricardo, who I like a lot. Last night, we had stopped by to talk with him, and as we went to take our 'only 5 minutes', I had no clue what I wanted to teach him, because I knew he didn't need what we had planned. It was fair enought to say the Spirit led that lesson, as we talked exactly about what was needed for him, and at the end, when I asked Ricardo if he had any questions or comments, he said, 'I just have one comment' and he kinda paused and said, "the Spirit is here right now', and it made me smile so much. It was so cool. He definitely felt the love of another's arms in that moment.
As for training this week, Elder Mason is doing a boss job. He's always willing to learn and get better, which is super awesome. Nothing is more frustrating than a stubborn missionary, so when a missionary is open to do whatever the heck his mission dad tells him to do, it's a lot of fun. We've been working a lot in going over the First Lesson, which means I've been getting to know it EVEN more than ever.
Apologies for what could appear as a rather 'mofino' update, always stressin' about pleasin' the blog crowd, but I'm afraid today may dissapoint. hopefully next week is better :) 
Love y'all! 
Elder Massey

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  1. I love the "only 5 minute" thing and how the spirit works on your investigators. Start the work and the door it will do the rest. Keep up the good work Elder Massey 2.0. Lol.