Monday, 7 September 2015

Sweet Child 'O' Mine

Throwing this title back to the days when I was born on the mission, and my dad, Elder Stone, used the same title to describe my birth. As a newly proud father, figured I would do the same!
This week was a bit of a whirlwind, as a whole lot of random stuff went on. It all started off with my mini going home on Monday, meaning I had to stay with the other Elders in Cova Figueira, and find a member to go out with me during the day to teach, cuz I didn't wanna leave my area all on it's own for the better part of the week. That meant that even HARDER work was needed, cuz it was just legit ME walking around with a name tag on, and Dani with me, preaching the good word. In getting a greenie, that meant I would get to go to Praia to pick him up, which I was SUPER stoked about, so on Thursday, me and Elder Bullock went on a divison in his area, as he was without a companion as well, which happened to work perfectly. We had a member in his area tell us that we should serve together, because 'everybody would love us'. I guess it's just evident how incredibly loveable us Canadians are...
Friday brought to us our grand journey to Praia, which was a crazy day all on it's own. There were 4 of us who went together, Elder Bullock, Elder Manjate, a Sister, and I, to go get our greenies coming in, and to recieve some training on HOW to train. Once in the mission office, Elder Bullock and I got to give our sons the moment we never had, in the Assistants announcing to the greenie who their companion would be, and him running out to give him a hug. Both of our dads were just too lazy or something amd couldn't make it for OUR big day, but I'm not upset about it or anything. (perhaps all the problems with their flight there may have played a major role in all of that....)
My new companion is Elder Mason (which is hilarious cuz like nobody here can differentiate our names from each other, they just think we have the same name) and he's from Southern California. It's so incredibly incredible to be with someone who speaks English again, and to be able to make the same jokes and stuff. One thing I'm LOVIN' about being a dad is jsut how dang excited and curious he is about anything. To me, it's kinda funny, but at the same time, I remember I was exactly the same way when I came in. He's a SUPER fun kid, really chilled out (I think that's cuz his from Cali), and will do or listen to anything I say, so ,y power right now is pretty incredible hahaha. I was an incredibly proud dad when he got up in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday, and bore his testimony, even before I had gotten up! I know I couldn't have done that on my first fast Sunday. I am serious so excited for this trasnfer, and maybe the next two, with him. He's such a boss, and he's gunna do incredible things in this mission. ( photos of father and son today...)
Only other news from this week was getting to go on a divison with my MTC comp, Elder Maake, while we were in Praia. They wanted us to be working duirng the day, after the fun was done, so I got to go out with him and his companion, Elder Lunt, for a bit. Needless to say, it was interesting. I had a blast, and freakin' Elder Maake speaks the language waaaaaaaay better than I can now, a big difference from the MTC. Not everything changed since the MTC though :) It was awesome and hilarious to see him again, aaaaaand I got to see what it's like to work in Praia. Waaaaay different than what I'm used to!
Anyways, that's about all I've got for this week, sorry it wasn't overly spiritual, but this week has been a lot of fun for me. I think in showing a missionary how to work, has really taught me exactly how much I'VE learned these past 8 (almost 9) months. The mission is incredible.
Love y'all!!
Elder Massey, the Dad

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