Monday, 13 June 2016

Ready to Start

Well, this week was boss, because Adiley (previously written in my emails as 'Adalei', had it spelled wrong sorry :P) proved to us that he's ready to start on the path Heavenly Father has for him, and he was baptized on Saturday! That was the definite highlight of the week for us :)
Baptism day!

A good 50% of our working time this past week went into helping Adiley get ready. Seeing as how we've only been teaching him for under 4 weeks, we had to help him get all prepared, and man, was he ever. For every time we taught him, he would leave his house and walk 20 minutes or so to meet up with us. There were so many times where he showed us how prepared he was, like when we taught him the Word of Wisdom, and he told us, 'I've never been into those things, my dad taught me not to use them', or like when we taught him to keep the Sabbath day holy, he told us, 'I was thinking about leaving to go and work in Boa Vista, but that job would have me work Sundays, so I won't go'. Guy's a boss. He wanted Elder Penner and I to be involved in his baptism too, so while we had our 2nd counselor, Nunu, do the baptism, I had the opportunity to confirm him on Sunday :) it was cool, and my first time doing it too! Now, the next step is to get Adiley preparing to receive the Priesthood, which could happen as early as next week! It's been such a miracle for us to teach him. 
YSA Family Night activity
Since so much of our time this week went to Adiley and getting him ready, that some other parts of our area suffered. We still managed to teach other people, but like, not many :P We were able to teach our investigator Belarmino for the first time in like more than a week, which was driving us crazy! He's so so SO close on getting his answer and confirmation that the Book of Mormon is true. We showed up and asked him how his reading was going, and he told us all about the story of Abinadi, which was like boss, and told us it really resonated with him. He's not a guy who reads usually a ton, but he told us that one day he read two full chapters because of how compelling it was to him. On Sunday, after sacrament meeting, he left to go home, and the Stake President (who's in our ward) came up to us and was like, 'guys, I saw your one investigator left. I see him all the time, I wanna get to know him. When are you teaching him next?' and we were all like YESSSSSSSSSS. That's gunna happen this Wednesday, updates to follow. 
Finally in the driver's seat!  A happy day!
One really funny part from this week was a lesson we had with an investigator named Baka. He's really into listening to us, but we're not too sure how much gets through all the time. While he's very honest, he's also in a constant state of having juuuust this much alcohol in his system at all times. When we taught him this week, we were able to calm him down enough to teach him about keeping the Sabbath day holy, which he really liked, but after we closed with a prayer, he got really close to us and told us, 'I'm the luckiest guy in the world, ask me why' and so we were like, 'uhhh, okay, why?' to which he told us to wait, and came back holding two Books of Mormon. He told us, 'that night after you last taught me, I went to bed with one of these, and when I woke up, there were two' which just about made me crack up. It was apparent to us that Elder Penner, being often forgetful, left a Book of Mormon he was walking with in the last lesson we had. We didn't want to break his heart, and since we have plenty Books of Mormon, we just let him have his moment. On the way out, he kept shouting to us, 'I'm gunna give one to my woman!' which I told him was great, to which he responded, 'and if she doesn't like it, I'll leave her! There's plenty of women out there!'. I had to get moving fast because I was gunna laugh too hard. 

Other highlights from this week include a sunglasses purchase that Elder Penner and I made today for 5 bucks total. Sorta loving that new rule. 
Rocking the new look....

Speaking of things ready to start, here in a few minutes, my next companion will be getting here! Being as there is one week left in the transfer, Elder Penner gets one week to train my next companion, Elder Neville, on how to do all the secretary stuff, meaning we'll get to hang out in a triple for a week. It should be fun :) Elder Penner and I will be finishing up our 3-transfer or 4 month tenure together. Maybe this last week he'll let me hold his hand :) 

Love y'all! 

Elder Massey
Zone conference last week
Fun with planners....

Elder Massey's favorite color is orange...kind of stands out amongst the neighbors...likely made him smile!

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