Monday, 18 July 2016

Just One Drink

We had a slammin' week. For the second week in a row, we crushed it to hit 20 lessons in our area, when we only ever get 4 to 5 hours a day to work tops. It wasn't easy, but we did it :)

One thing we did really good at this week, was making sure we got out of the office. Sometimes we have days where we'll be working on one thing or another, and we just want so badly to get it done, or we're so focused, that we would only get out to work at 5pm or 6pm, which doesn't really work to get 20 lessons in a week. What we did different, is we just chopped everything off once we hit 3:45pm or so, just so we could go and teach, and it was AWESOME. It's amazing how freeing it is to get out and just grind, and how relaxing that is. It just means at the end of the day, your body is tired from walking around, teaching and talking to people, instead of having a tired head, from dealing with so much going on in the office. It was good :) 

We've been really working with Baka this week. We're still trying to visit with him at least once a day to see how he's holding up. Some days, he's doing really well, and it's clear there's no alcohol in him. Others, it'll be just one or two drinks he's had, whether he admits it or not, that we can smell on him. It's tough, because he won't be open with us about it, despite the fact we can smell it, and sometimes pretty thick too. That being said, he has changed incredibly since we started teaching him. This week, we told him how important it was that he showed up to church on time for the sacrament, so when Sunday came around, we got to church, and found him sitting there. When we got to talk to him, he told us that he showed up at church at 6:30am, and was the first person there. He even said, "you can go ask the guy who drives the scooter!" who happens to be our bishop. The signs of repentance are there, and he's come a very long way. We're really praying he'll be ready for baptism this week. 

Interviews with President Mathews came around this week, and I was determined to not receive any grief from him on the state of cleanliness in my house. By the time Friday rolled around, our house was pretty well clean, and I have my comp to thank for a lot of that :P hahaha. When President and Sister Mathews showed up, Sister Mathews commented, "you know President, this house looks really good, you've gotta stop teasing Elder Massey about his houses, they're good!". Sister Mathews can be such a bro. My interview with President went really well, I feel that each one just gets better and better. He really helped me with focusing myself on what's important in the work, and not putting limits on what I or the Lord can do. I think it was the boost I needed to pick me up right then. Every 3 months when interviews come around, my testimony just gets stronger and stronger of how inspired they are and how I need them as my mission presidents. They're so boss. It was also extra sweet when we each got a little package of Skittles at the end. Skittles aren't very easy to find here, so it's one of those tender mercies you gotta take with ya. 

We had a classic lesson yesterday. We have one investigator, Iza, who we teach with her 'man' Zito, and we've been teaching them for a while. We love teaching them, and especially her, because she's a riot every time we go by. She talks to us in pure Creole, constantly makes jokes at us, and takes few people seriously. She's hilarious. It was our surprise yesterday when, we went to teach her, and she threw us into a room, where she had her 3 sisters over visiting. The incredible thing was, 2 of those 3 sisters were almost IDENTICAL to her in every way! The banter in that lesson was incredible, and poor Zito in the other room just had his head in his hands almost the entire time. After the lesson, Iza was very excited to give us some cachupa, so we happily accepted, at which point one of Iza's sisters, took to admiring Elder Neville's family pictures, making comments like, "you're like an actor", "you two are so beautiful" and such. I was dying laughing. However, I guess they were the ones who got the last laugh, since that cachupa sincerely destroyed both the stomachs of Elder Neville and I. This morning was not a pleasant wake up :P hahaha

Today we got to go on a district activity to Cidade Velha, which is the original capital city of Cape Verde. We got to visit the 'castle' (which wasn't much of a castle) and hit the beach, though not in the way we would've liked to :P hahaha. They have a street there called Banana Street, at which I was confused upon not seeing any bananas, but upon asking, found out it was because the houses on it were covered with banana leaves. I was then more confused when I proceeded to look to the roofs, only to see no houses covered in banana leaves. Guess it's just another mystery I'll never solve. 

Love y'all! 
Elder Massey

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