Friday, 29 July 2016

Glass of Water

"They say you can see your future, inside a glass of water...
 Will I see heaven in mine?"

This week the Lord worked miracles in our area and put a glass of water in Baka's hand. HE GOT BAPTIZED WOOO. 

We had his baptismal interview on Tuesday, which he almost didn't go to :P we showed up and were like, "okay Baka, let's go!" and he told us, "I haven't eaten all day, I'm gunna wait for this food over here to be ready. We'll do the interview another day", but we told him that the ZLs were waiting for him to do the interview, and he just kinda shrugged and said, "eh, one hour of hunger hasn't ever killed anyone", so we walked with him. We couldn't smell any alcohol on him and felt really good about it, and thankfully, he passed his interview! Saturday came for his baptism, and he seemed pretty stoked for it. We got him a baptismal suit and gave it for him to change into, and he just about starting changing into it right in the middle of the hallway. We suggested it might be best if he went and changed in a bathroom :P hahaha. Another thing that made it even more classic was when our bishop showed up to direct the baptism, and he told us the member who was supposed to baptize him wasn't going to make it, and suggested that one of us do it. I didn't have any of the stuff I needed to baptize him, but I got in a baptismal suit too and was able to baptize him. It was really cool :) it was also funny because when I changed back into my pants there was a distinctive wet line showing through them. I thought that was funny. Baka then got up and bore a fireball testimony, he was more or less shouting in Creole at the front which was classic, he focused a lot on how he knew Christ as his Savior and that was what was important to him, and then pulled as much a mic drop as one can do at a church pulpit by just sorta shouting 'AMEN' and walked off. It was a moment I'll remember forever, it was classic. Heavenly Father has brought about an immense change in that man's life over the last two or so months. 

This week has had me thinking a lot about how the gospel does truly bless us and give us happiness in our lives. It's something I've seen in people as I've taught them and seen their willingness to act and change. In a mega contrast to the changes we saw in Baka's life, we also had the opportunity last night to visit with my recent convert from Maio, Luisa, who has fallen back into old habits from her past. In talking to her and catching up, I asked her, "Luisa, are you happy right now?" and she responded, "no, I'm not". It was really sad to hear. To me it just put such a stark contrast before me in what following the commandments and the gospel brings to our lives. 

This week also brought a lot of stress in organizing transfers. I sorta mentioned last week how tons of flights are booked up for the next 3 weeks, making it impossible to get spots on flights for transfers. We also had another fiasco in that a boat ticket for President on the weekend was bought for the same date a month prior, and so we had to go about fixing the mistake. Since there's like legit one boat company, you basically just have to deal with what you get. They told us on Wednesday they would make the change and everything would be fine, but on Friday when we went to confirm, they still hadn't done ANYTHING, so our guy was like, "uhh, yeah, I'll shoot off an email to another guy, there" and that was it. We called on Saturday when the Zone Leaders in Fogo told us his ticket still wasn't there, and we called our guy to try and fix it, who again promised to get it done, but after they closed at noon on Saturday, we heard nothing from the guy. We spent an entire weekend stressing because President needed a ticket early Monday morning to return, and we had no way of going about getting him a ticket. Some divine intervention allowed him to buy a boat ticket this morning before he got on, basically showing that we got no solution from the boat company STILL #stresslife

 Elder Neville and I are having a lot of fun, we're getting along really well. Right now we're sorta in the middle of an overhaul of our investigators in our area, lots aren't progressing, so some change is necessary. Sometimes it sucks, because people you grow to love just don't move no matter how hard you try or love them. They can be the nicest, coolest person in the world, but if they aren't willing, there really is nothing you can do for them. It's sad, but it's really teaching me the importance of accountability and following through. 

Once small miracle from the past week, we went to visit a couple we've been working with forever, Mundinho and Nixi. They've been coming to church pretty well ever since I've been in this area, but haven't been baptized due to the fact they aren't married. Since Elder Neville and I have been together, we've been focusing a lot on other people, and they've just sorta fallen through the cracks a bit. We went to visit them this week, and they expressed to us how they missed us and didn't understand why we weren't visiting as much as in the past. We explained to them the details, about how we're here to help people, but that we can only do so much. In talking to them about how they can have the blessings of an eternal family, we invited them to think about marriage in September, so that they can be baptized. For the first time pretty well ever, they actually considered our invite for marriage, and told us they would pray about it. It was a small way in which the Lord touched their hearts, and hopefully they will use that to keep them moving. 

It's been a long week, but a good one :) 

Love y'all :) 
Elder Massey

P Day Soccer....

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