Monday, 9 February 2015

Ilha de Maio

Well, everybody, I've made it!
Our travel day from the MTC was very very long and very interesting. What was supposed to be a 26 hour travel day actually turned out to be close to 50 hours. After a very long and stressful day in Madrid, we were able to make it to Lisbon, on Wednesday night, where we were rescued by President and Sister Fluckiger, of the great Portugal Lisbon Mission, and we stayed that night in the mission home with them. And let me tell ya, those kids going there are freaking lucky. They are  incredible people. We got to spend a night in Portugal, and on Thursday, we arrived in the Promised Land! We were greeted by President and Sister Mathews at the airport, who we very quickly threw ourselves into the arms of. They are seriously killer people man, like they rock. However, as exciting as reaching Cabo Verde was, it also meant that our travel group of what was formerly 8, then 6, turned to 5, as Elder Penner got turned around at the airport to head to his first area, in Mindelo. So, the remaining 5 of us went with the Assistants to the President to the mission office, where we all received interviews, recieved very abbreviated training, and our first assignments.
I have been assigned to the INCREDIBLE island of.. MAIO!
Maio is one of the newest islands opened in the mission, it's had elders for about a year now. I happen to be the 10th elder ever to serve here, and only the second person to be BORN here, which is pretty rad. My trainer and first companion is Elder Stone, from California, and he's a pretty rad guy. He's been out almost a year and a half, and really knows the people here really well. We've been having a lot of fun, and we've been working together really well. He's a pretty boss guy, and really easy to get along with. We share this island with 2 other elders, Elder Martinez and Elder Schofield (the first elder born here). We all share the apartment we have together, and it's a pretty rad time. We have a warm shower, we have a washing machine, TWO toilets, and like 3 or 4 rooms, it's pretty sweet. 
We are in a branch here, that has about 40 or so members, but only about 25 or so show up to church on average. One of our goals here is to get those members really self sufficient in the work they do, because right now, they aren't. Howver, the members are really nice. We've had a couple members come around and teach with us, one named Gilson, and he's a boss, and the other was João, who's an interesting guy. They're both tons of fun to be around. 
The people here, though, are so much fun. Like, seriously. They're BOSS. Everyone here will talk with us, and it's absolutely no problem finding people to teach. Everyone is just super nice, super friendly, and they really really like to shake hands. The only problem with them is I don't actually know what just about all of them say basically all the time; everyone here speaks Creole, so it just tend to smile, say Portuguese words, and use their hand gestures to figure out what the heck they're saying. It's super entertaining. Thankfully, my lovely companion understands Creole, so it's a real blessing to have someone who actually GETS it. 
Guys, seriously, it's so cool here. I stop like at least 8 times a day and go, 'holy heck, I'm here. Wow'. 
I fully believe Cabo Verde is the Lord's Promised land, second to Canada.
I love y'all so much!
Tudo feixe amigos!
(That means like all's cool guys)
Love ya!
Elder Massey

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