Monday, 2 February 2015

The Last Day(s)!

             Elder Massey with Elder Bullock, Maake and Masubelele - all going to Cape Verde
                                          The District - half the elders are going to Portugal
                               The Zone - 8 of these missionaries leave for Cape Verde tomorrow
                                               Elder Massey with Elder Kohl Yee from Calgary
Hello all! This is my LAST day in the MTC! Isn't that crazy? It feels just like yesterday that I got into the joint, and yet it seems like an eternity ago!
This week has sure flown by, and it's been a hectic one to say the least! Last Thursday, all the Elders and Sisters going to Portugal got re-assignments, since their visas didn't come on time (which is INCREDIBLY unheard of), and so our entire zone was in a panic and frenzy for about a solid DAY, as people reacted to these re-assignments. However, as Friday came around, it became known that the visas were actually a day LATE from being sent, meaning that 18 of the 23 people going to Portugal actually got their visas. It was definitely hard for those 5 people who didn't get their visas; one of them was Elder Gee in our district, he left this morning for the California Roseville mission. So, with that said, our district is down to 7 for our final day here! Thankfully, none of us Cape Verde goers had any issue with our visas, which is a blessing for sure!
This week, Elder Maake and I got invited to help out with one of the activities they have all the brand new missionaries do on the first night. Out of the WHOLE MTC, they asked a total of 5 companionships, 2 of which were from our zone, to come and start out a discussion that they do with the new missionaries. On the first night, they split all he new missionaries into five rooms, and they sit them down in front of an 'investigator' (some of them are, some of them were). They then have missionaries come in, as if it were a meeting at the investigator's home, and they proceed to get o know these people, just having a conversation with them, so that all the new missionaries in the room can get to know A) the person, and B) how to talk to investigators. So, Elder Maake and I got to get to know two different people in front of probably 50 or so missionaries, and it was pretty darn fun! It was a rad experience for sure, we had a lot of fun doing it.
On Friday, we had our last TRC, where we talked to Tania from Brazil, and this time, we actually understood her! Her microphone was way better than he person we talked to last week, so we were able to have a good discussion with her, to sorta figure out what she's like, and what she can do better in her life as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! (or, A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos Dias, hehehehe) It was an awesome experience, and a definite confidence booster for sure!
As we've been going through this past week, we've been focusing on making a best push that we can til the end of our stay here, and I've noticed as I've worked on focusing and worked at just WORKING, I've been able to rock the language a lot better. I'm just PUMPED to get to the other side of the world, where they don't even speak the language I've been learning these past 6 weeks :D 
I'm seriously SO pumped to go man, like WOOOOOOO!! 
The MTC rocks everybody, this has been an awesome experience!
Love y'aaaaaall
Todos os meus amigos são os peixes
Elder Massey

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