Monday, 16 March 2015

Month of May

 ** It was a busy week last week and posting this letter on the blog just got away from me.  Hope you enjoy!
"Gunna make a record in the month of May..."
Well, it's been more than a literal month of May (because Maio means May in Portuguese, GET IT??), and this week has been a heck ton of fun.
Earlier this week, we had a visit from our Zone Leaders, justfor the day, since there are very limited ways to travel to and from Maio, and they extended us the goal of making 10 contacts every day, with teaching 3 lessons, and extending a baptismal invite every day. At first, we were preeeeetty resilient to this, becuase we're usually pretty lucky to teach two lessons a day, but we set this as our goal, and got down to work! With this as our goal, we taught more this week than any other in the transfer, getting 3 lessons just about every day.
We continue to work with the investigators I wrote about last week, Chano (found out it's not actually with a D, oooops...) and Milsielita, and Nelson, and we teach them just about every other day. After one lesson with Nelson this week, he made us eat this cake his mom made, which was decent enough, but we figured he made us eat it because he didn't want to eat it. He told us that his mom 'still has a LOT to learn' (direct quote) in her cooking, which made Elder Stone and I pretty grateful for our mother's home cooking.
In another lesson with Chano and Milsielita, we sang a hymn for them, according to their request from a previous vist, so we sang them 'Careco de Jesus', or 'I Need Thee Every Hour', as us English speakers know it by, and I guess they really liked it. For some reason, they both put their heads down like they were praying, and when we finished, put their heads up and smiled and applauded us. It was funny and sweet.
To cap off what is our last P-Day of the transfer, we went with our BOSS branch president, Ta, on a tour of the island, and had a lot of fun. We basically rented a truck for the day, and we ended up sitting in the bed of the truk like the whole way. It was a lot of fun, but at the same time, Maio doesn't actually have a whole lot going on. We went through every town on the island without using basically any gas. We scaled the tallest mountian here in about 30 minutes, it was pretty darn boss.
Anyways, I'll leave y'all with that for this week, thanks for all your emails and for being rad people!
Love y'all!
Elder Massey

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