Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Hardest Button to Button

**No new pictures this week - internet troubles....hopefully next week we will get the pictures from the island tour!

Sometimes, agency can be one of the most frustrating things EVER.

Sitting in church yesterday, I found myself getting frustrated, becausefor the 6th week in a row, we didn't have any investigators at church, despite many saying they would come, including Nelson, one of our really strongly progressing investigators. As I was sitting there, I had the thought that, I can only choose things for myself, such as deciding to walk through the door to sit down in Sacrament Meeting, and that as I choose these things, I'm able to see the hand my Heavenly Father has in my life, but that I can't choose FOR my investigators to be there. For this reason, I've learned that, sometimes in our own lives, the toughest thing for usto do is ACTUALLY to do. 

With that said, this week was definitely a good week. With regards to our two main investigators, Chano and Milsielita, and Nelson, we continued to progress with them, but this didn't exist without having roadblocks along the way. With both of them, we taught them the Law of Chastity this week, or 'Lei de Castidade' (which is SUPER fun to say in Portuguese), and each of them had their own cool aspects to them. In our lesson with Nelson, as we taught him, he told us it would definitely be difficult, but 'not impossible', to quote him directly. His faith to follow our Heavenly Father is so incredible. At the end of our lesson with him, as we asked him whether he would live the Law of Chastity, he said 'I can't promise anything right now' and paused, and thought for about a solid 5 seconds, and then said 'y'know what, why not?' and commited to follow. It was honestly so cool. With the other two, however, it was a little more difficult. With the Law of Chastity, those people who are living together who aren't married need to BE married in order to be baptized, so, this became our focus for the lesson. As we continued to talk and talk with them about this, over 3 different visits, I noticed myself getting frustrated with them, and I just wanted them to 'button this button', to actually DO these things, but I soon realized, as I talked about at the beginning here, I can't do that for them. During our 3rd visit, we just kinda stopped and talked about whether or not they actually believed what we taught was true. At first, the answer we got was 'Honestly, I don't know', from Chano, and 'Well, I'm not positive', from Milsielita, and right there, we justturned the lesson totally around, and rather than us testifying to them, they basically began to testify to us! Milsielita told us how, as she would meet with missionaries from different religions, she would dread them coming over, even saying she would hide from them in her house, but with us, she can hardly wait for us to come over. Chano told us how, with all other religions,they come into their home, and they have this conviction that they have the truth, but TELL them that they are the true church, and TELL them to join, when with us, we have a conviction that we have the truth, but the first thing we do is INVITE THEM to find out if this is true. I thought these were both such incredible testimonies to what missionary work really is, and what we stand for. The Spirit testified so strongly and simply then that what we have is right, and as we walked out of there, they were left with a firm resolve to really search and find the truth for themselves, it was seriously so cool. They are incredible people. 

As for the rest of the week, it was definitely a good one. We had President and Sister Mathews come on Wednesday with the APs, and basically got a low-down on the Zone Conference we missed a few weeks back, it was boss. They took us out for lunch and I had like the best tuna I've ever had in my life. We had really good trainings from both President and Sister Mathews, President's being about goal setting and Sister Mathews' being both about the Plan of Salvation and how importnat revelation is for us every day. When they left, we were pretty pumped toget out and just WORK, and I guess that's exactly what we did! 

A cool story from this week, as we were passing by sorta where Nelson lives, and this lady kinda waved us over to come talked to her. She was just sitting down on the side of the road doing whatever (a lot of people do that here), and she grabbed the Book of Mormon out of Elder Stone's hands and was like 'What's this? Tell me what this is!'. It was sorta strange and random, but we gave her a very basic overview of what it was, and what we believe, and asked if we could come back and teach her, to which she responded that we could return the next day. She was super open to learning more, and even told us she would have more questions for us! We returned the next day, and she had a small piece of paper covered in questions, arranging from how many people we believed would be 'saved', if the virgin Mary stayed a virgin, what our church's name meant, and a variety of other things, which we all answered, save the virgin Mary one (that was so darn random). She really liked all of our answers, and we proceeded to teach her after answering all these things. As we left, we asked her something like, 'hey, why'd you whistle us down yesterday on the street?' to which she responded, 'well, I didn't have that book you guys have, and I want more knowledge'. HOW FREAKING COOL, hey?? I was so pumped leaving there. 

With our first transfer come and gone, Elder Stone and I got one more together here, and we're looking forward to keep up with our work. Maio is seriously a blast.
Hope y'all had a good week! I love ya!!
Elder Massey

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