Monday, 2 March 2015

You've Got a Friend in Me!

Okay okay, I know this is a bit of a cheesy song title this week, but just hear me out here

We've had a fun week this week, as we've had a lot of progression with a few of our really cool investigators. Like I wrote about last week, we've taught Chando and his wife, Milsielita, a few times again this week, as well as a guy named Nelson, who's a 20 year old kid, and we've met with him a few times as well. Elder Stone and I feel really good about these investigators, they're really fun people, and we get along with all of them so well. So, I just wanna write about our experiences with them this week! 
Chando and Milsielita: 
We've had 2 other lesson with these guys this week, and we've had cool experiences both times. Earlier in the week, we went to teach them, with the intent to talk about the second lesson in Preach my Gospel, but found that they hadn't kept their commitments by reading in the Book of Mormon, or prayed sincerely to know of the truth of these things. With this, we decided that it was more important to discuss the Book of Mormon with them, so we did that through actually reading the first chapter of first Nephi with them. This turned out to be the right decision, as this totally sparked a desire in them to read the Book of Mormon. By the time we had returned 3 days later, Milsielita had read up to 1 Nephi 8, and proceeded to give us like a full 5 minute summary of what she had read, AND what it meant to her. It was so cool! When she finished, I told her that I was pretty sure she''d memorized every word she'd read! I was with Elder Martinez for this lesson, as we had gone on divisions that day, and we taught them then about the Plan of Salvation, with the invitation to follow this plan through baptism. At first, they weren't sure as to if it was the right direction for them, as they had their questions, but we were able to answer these questions, and emphasize to them that they can know of a truth of these things for themselves. I took the opportunity to bear my testimony to them of these things, and just as I was about to close my testimony 'in the name of Jesus Christ..', Chando interrupted me and shouted something in Creole (I really don't understand about 80% of what these people say), which I guess he was saying he wanted to be strong in the Spirit like I was, and Milsielita was like sitting there hugging herself saying she felt all warm and happy. It was so freaking darn hecking cool, as I guess it was kinda the first time I've really seen the Holy Ghost work through me. They've excepted the invitation to be baptized, when they recieve an answer of the truthfulness of what we taught. The next night, we popped by just to invite them to church, and they invited us in, and we stayed and just chatted with them for like 40 minutes! We didn't teach anything, but they jsut wanted us to come in and hang out with them! It was seriously so much fun, even though I understood very little. Chando speaks a little English, so he was saying stuff to us and it was so darn funny. The only problem was, they made popcorn for us, and once it was made, Elder stone and I remembered we were fasting (OOPS), but they were incredibly nice about it. They said they're going to invited us over for cachupa sometime soon (ooooooooooh). 
Nelson is this kid we've been teaching like every other day, and he's seriosuly so cool. He's been reading in the Book of Mormon, he's been praying and writing down his feelings that he has, he's been living the Word of Wisdom to EXACTNESS, AND he read the entire Plan of Salvation pamphlet, and asked us questions about it all! The day we decided to talk about the Atonement, he started off our lesson by asking us what it was! It was like seriously so perfect. We've had a couple times this week where we've just popped by to see how he's doing, and we just chat with him for a bit. We even hung out with him while they were playing Recess, the old Disney show, in Portuguese. It was so funny. 
It's so cool to see the impact we have in people's lives, but also that, first and foremost, we are these people's friends, even their brothers, and to see the love they have for us is incredible. It is such an amazing thing, to see the love our Heavenly Father has for these people, because I know I feel it each and every time I meet with them.

Speaking of friends, Elder Stone and I have been getting along really well, we have a lot of fun basically every day. We find different ways to have fun each day; the best way this past week was through rap battles. On Sunday, we were really bored, so we decided to rap about random crap. We've come to be pretty boss rappers if I do say so myself... :) 

Also, this week, before the fast, we decided to eat like kings: we ate LOBSTER. This lobster, or 'lagosta' (how exotic), cost about $15 bucks a plate, which sounds like nothing, buuuut we usually spend about $2.50-4.00 when we eat lunches, so it was EXPENSIVE. Basically 6 lunches right there. Thank goodness we had the money, otherwise, we'd be eating a LOT of ramen this week...
Love you all, keep being rad people!
Elder Massey

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