Sunday, 22 May 2016

Bullet in the Brain

So, one problem with Elder Penner and I being secretaries together, is we're constantly in a state of forgetting things. It's sorta bad. Neither of us have an impeccable ability for information retention, and sometimes, especially in our job, that costs us :P

My favorite story from this week in terms of forgetting things was when Elder Penner forgot his computer password. Our computers have a setting on them where we have to change the passwords constantly, which meant I had to change mine from 'shiblonisaboss' to something new, and when Elder Penner changed his, the next day when we came in, he couldn't remember it to save his life :P it was pretty darn funny. We searched around the office for a solution, found a floppy disk that we thought would help, realized we didn't know what the heck a floppy disk was or how to use it, talked to President, and then called Salt Lake about what to do. Since it was a Saturday, they told him to wait til Monday. As we were leaving to achieve other tasks, I pep-talked/yelled at Elder Penner to remember what it was, until it hit him and he was finally able to enter into his computer again. It's moments like this one where I question our functionality as secretaries :P hahaha.

One thing that this week brought was a more difficult time in getting out to work in our area. We're not too sure why that happened, but it just did; we probably could have planned a little bit better. However, as always, Heavenly Father pulled through in being a boss and giving us so many tender mercies along the way. 

This week, we got to hang out with Elder Poole, an elder who was on his way home and was in Praia for a few days, which meant we got to show someone around about the high-life we live in the office. We felt sorta bad for him, because there were days where we were just clicking away and he got to just sit a do pretty well nothing. We gave him a few different tasks, like putting all of the missionaries as contacts in our phone, but I'm pretty sure the whole experience just left Elder Poole glad that he didn't live our lives, hahaha. It was super fun to have him with us though, and he even bought us bifanas our last night with him, mostly cuz his Cape Verdean escudos probably weren't gunna do him much good after :P He's a good kid.
Hanging out with Elder Poole

One of the main highlights from this week was Sunday for us. First off, in the morning we had Stake Conference, for which the Praia Stake rented out a high school gym and filled it with chairs for everyone, and we got to hear from an Area Seventy from the Netherlands, Elder Hans T. Boom. It was a cool thing to be a part of, having so many members together at once, and getting to hear an Area Seventy. It was the first time in a long time that I heard a church talk in English, which was sorta nice :) 
At Stake conference...
In the afternoon on Sunday, we were given two greenies to hang out with, one Brazilian and another from Paraguay, which at first was a bit of a burden, but in the end worked out really well for us. They enjoyed my chili I made for lunch, and then after we did our weekly planning, I went out to work with Elder Firmo, from Brazil, and we got a TON done. Yesterday was the last day of the Portuguese soccer league season, and EVERYBODY was watching one of the games, and so we thought it was gunna be tough to find people at home, but we ended up teaching 4 lessons, and so did Elder Penner when he went out with Elder Jhangiani, meaning we almost doubled our area's weekly total in lessons in just Sunday alone! It really was a tender mercy to say the least. It's funny, because at first I wasn't very happy to get stuck with greenies for the afternoon, but it worked out pretty well! 

We're gunna do our best this week to not forget stuff as bad. We're also praying daily for a drivers license to come in. We're the only missionaries in the mission that get their own car to use, and we can't even use it because license 'ka ten'. #thestruggle

Love y'all! 
Elder Massey
the weekly dog photo.....
Lunch with friends including Elder McMullin - an MTC bro!

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