Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Not Your Fault

Figured I'd go for an Awolnation song, not sure if I've done one of those yet. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss real music dearly.

This week was a bit of a slower week for us, for a few different reasons. While the week past we were able to get out really early and not have to worry about too many office duties, this week brought more than a few office commitments that kept us working past the times we wanted to. I think we had two different days where we had to stay at the airport til 5pm or so, which was sort of annoying. A bunch of different factors came together, and while it would be easy to  look at ourselves and say, ' it's not your fault ', we know that, to a certain extent, we didn't give it our all this week like we could have. It's pretty easy to try and blame stuff on other circumstances, but at the end of the day, it really all falls to us. Looking at it that way, Elder Penner and I have set plans for this coming week so that we don't look back on our next week and realize we could have done more. 

That being said, we've had quite the hectic week on a few fronts. I may have mentioned that, when we go to the airport to get stuff done, there are a few people that can be there working, but almost always we run into one guy named Flavio. While Flavio is a nice guy and good and all, he's really not very, how can I say it, good at his job :P I'm working on being less judgmental, but when you've gotta buy 29 different flights and each flight should take less than 2 minutes to buy, and it takes you more than two and a half hours to sit through it with him, sometimes your patience runs thin. While we left there all smiles, the next time we went back and got to work with Fernanda, we were in and out and 15 minutes doing about another 10 or so flights. I'm convinced that patience is an attribute of Christ that I'm supposed to learn out here :) 

One miracle that is coming to pass is our investigator, Marlene, who is going to be baptized this coming week. I've talked a bit about her in the past, but she's super ready and we're stoked about it. This week, while on a division, Elder Penner reviewed the baptismal questions with her and found that she had issues with a few things, so we had her interviewed for baptism on Saturday by a member of the mission presidency, a bishop from another ward. Since Bishop Mendonça didn't have all the time in the world, he had to bring his two year old and four year old with him to the church, so while he was doing Marlene's interview, we got to watch his two kids (which, under normal circumstances, we wouldn't do, but sometimes the ox gets in the mire, y'know). After the interview, we were told that she is all ready to go! Her baptism is going to be this Saturday, and we're working with her 19 year old son Kenny to baptize her, which would be boss. Tender mercies are a real thing. 
Elder Massey in his element....just missing Lego and his joy would have been full!
This past weekend was a fun experience, because Sunday was 'Dia dos Trabalhadores', or 'worker's day', which meant that basically everyone was just out having a blast :P however, their terms of a party, and the gospel terms of having a party, didn't quite align. Yesterday involved a lot of talking to drunk people who were calling to us on the street. I realized that drunks do inherently like us for the most part, which is cool I guess. Lots of them were excited to invite us into their homes and give us rice and beans and goat and all that good stuff. At one house I had one more glass of orange Fanta than I should have and hobbled to our next appointment thinking I was going to puke. I didn't though, which is the important part. The Lord blessed us with being able to find 3 lessons yesterday, which, when it was as rowdy as it was, was a miracle for us. 

It's been a good week, but this next one should be even better. Thanks for all y'all do.
Love y'all! 
Elder Massey
On divisions - with Elder Nemelka and Elder Conway

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