Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Drive My Car

Big news of the week... MY  DRIVER'S LICENSE CAME! It was a little sad for a few weeks because Elder Penner and I were the only two missionaries in the mission with our own car, but we couldn't drive it since we had both lost our licenses in one way or another :P both of us were quite excited when we got the mail on Friday, and saw I had a package in the mail :) moms are the best!!

This week's been a really good one for us. Not necessarily the number one best in terms of lessons taught or other numbers, but we both came out of this week feeling really good about how things went. There were quite a few miracles that came along the way. 

One miracle came with our investigator, Belarmino, who we've been working with for baptism for a while. He's super cool, and in all honesty, totally ready. He's just not all there with the desire to be baptized quite yet. We taught a lesson with him last Monday, and taught from Mosiah 18, talking about the baptismal covenant and such, and asked him what Alma asks in the chapter, 'what's holding you back from being baptized?', to which Belarmino gave us an answer we've heard many times, where he told us it's something he would really like to do, but doesn't feel a need for it at this time, but wants to focus on keeping the commandments first. While there is nothing wrong with that, Belarmino is keeping all the commandments pretty well, and so we didn't see that as much of a concern for him. As we were sitting there teaching, I was drawing a blank on what to say or what to teach. While Elder Penner was teaching, I had a prompting tell me to ask him about his answer, but by the time it came for me to speak, we'd already sorta moved on from that point, and I didn't think it was gunna work, but the prompting hit me again, so I decided to ask about it. That might've been one of the most clear spiritual promptings I've gotten in both my mission and my life, and it was for a good reason. It turned out that Belarmino hasn't actually found his answer yet, and that THAT was exactly what he needs to have that desire to be baptized. I asked him, 'if you knew for sure that these things were true, would you follow them?' to which he responded, 'well, I'd have to!'. It was such a spirit guided lesson, it was awesome. Since that day, he's been reading every day, came to the baptisms to watch on Saturday, and came to church on Sunday. He still needs some help, but he's gunna get there :) He's SO close! 

Another miracle from this week was a guy we started to teach. One of our mission rules is we aren't allowed to contact Muslims (for religious reasons) unless they contact us. Usually it's more or less pretty easy to tell the Muslim people out from others, because most are immigrants to Cape Verde. One day we were walking and Elder Penner almost stopped to contact a guy working on some upholstery, and when Penner just kept on walking, I made a joke along the lines of, 'what, you decided to not contact the Muslim guy?', just because it was clear he wasn't Cape Verdean (which, noted, was a judgement placed by me. I've since repented). The next day when we walked by, he called out to us, and was like, 'hey! Come here!' and when we came over, he gave us a rant about how 'I'm a human being and I have the right to hear your message! Why don't you ever stop for me?', to which we profusely apologized. Turns out his name is Baka, which is the same word in Creole for cow, and he isn't Muslim, though his parents were. We went by to teach him the next day, and he was pretty in to our lesson. Whether he understood everything, I'm not sure, but he readily accepted everything, even a baptismal date! On Sunday, he came to church to, if only for a few minutes, and when we ran into him later that afternoon, he was like, 'hey, why didn't you introduce me at the front?? I wanna get to know people!' hahaha. We told him he should stuck around a little longer at church. He's really really cool though, and tonight we're planning to teach him with a member who's from the same country as he is, Guinea-Bissau, so that should be interesting :) Heavenly Father puts people in our path in strange ways. 

This week President Mathews came through with his promise from interviews last transfer and he and Sister Mathews took us out for lunch this week :) It was cool to just to get and chat with them one-on-one in a sorta less work-based setting. I definitely learned some stuff during that lunch, while I very politely ate my nice pizza, and also found out they aren't Harry Potter fans. I think that one hurt Elder Penner a little more than it hurt me, but it was a bit of a sad moment. All in all though, it was a really good lunch :) we've got awesome mission presidents here. 

On Sunday, another cool thing happened in that one of our less actives, Toni, brought a friend of his to church who is really interested in the gospel. Both of them stayed all three hours and his friend, Adalei, made some really cool comments in our priesthood class :) it was just another one of those moments where both Elder Penner and I were amazed at what Heavenly Father is doing for us here. 

It's been a solid one over here. We're loving life right now. I'll leave it at that for now :) 

Love y'all! 
Elder Massey

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