Tuesday, 6 September 2016

A Whisper

22 August 2016

It's been another really fun week for us. It's crazy that it's already been a whole week again, dang. 

This week, rather than going all out and knocking every door and trying to teach in every house we could, we focused on working a little smarter this week. The week prior brought us 22 new investigators, so this week, we had to take care of those 22 new people we found.
One major blessing the Lord has brought to us is our investigator, Lu, who's a boss. She's now come to church 3 times, and is looking like a go for this week for baptism, we're so stoked. It took me three full transfers the first time I trained to get my son a baptism, this time, it might only take 3 weeks! Hahaha. We had a really cool experience with Lu this week when teaching her. We went to teach her the Word of Wisdom, and as we taught her, she expressed that she has a pretty strong coffee habit, meaning she drinks it every morning, and has for years and years. Rather than responding to us harshly, she just sorta looked a little bummed, as to say, "dang, that's too bad", but was fully ready and willing to leave it behind so she can be baptized. She never expressed any complaint or justification, but just said, "yeah, I'll get rid of it and stop". She's got such solid faith in Christ, she's a mega boss.
In our following up with our new investigators, one in specific has stood out of the group. Last week, Elder Thorsen and I, at night, came across an open door where I saw someone inside, and so we knocked, and taught a lesson to a 17 year old named Tommy. During the lesson, people came and left, and his cousin, Debora, came and sat through a solid chunk, but Tommy was pretty gripped. This week, Elder Ronces and I went to teach Tommy and Debora again, and in following up with him about his reading in the Book of Mormon and prayer, he told us he did do both of the invites, and that he felt something. He told us, "after I prayed, I just felt really good, like a peace". Debora kinda joked with him, saying, "so what's your answer?", to which he responded, "I don't know if it's a full answer, but it's enough for me to believe". In a subsequent visit, with only Tommy, he told us he had continued his reading, and had felt the same feeling when he prayed. He said, "you know, it's one thing if it happens once, but it happened to me again", and when we asked him, he said he felt that to be his answer. It was such a firm testimony builder to me that, those who read and pray with real intent, will get their answers :) it was awesome. 

I'm starting to feel really old out here. Elder McMullin and I discuss that frequently. By the end of this week, there will be exactly 5 missionaries that have been here longer than we have. That's whack. It's amazing to me how the time has truly flown. Sometimes thinking hurts my head.
This week my companion, Elder Ronces, realized he has a thing for freskinhas. A freskinha is basically a Cape Verdean popsicle, in that it's put in a small bag and frozen, and you bite off the corner of the bag and suck from there. I'm a fan of freskinhas myself, but Elder Ronces will down two of them before I'm even finished my first. We were out with a member this week when we got 4 freskinhas, 1 for me, 1 for our member, and 2 for my comp. She was shocked when Elder Ronces had put his both down, and still wanted another. It was funny.
The work is going really solid, and I'm really happy right now. Just making every day worth it.
Love y'all!
Elder Massey

The Canadians....minus Elder Karl...

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