Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Running to Stand Still

29 August 2016
Time is flying. It's so crazy. It's been an awesome week.
One bummer from this week was that Lu wasn't baptized, she's gunna need a little bit more time. We went to visit her to go over the baptismal questions, and she told us that she's still drinking coffee, even though she's trying to quit. It was kinda funny, she told us, "I got rid of all my coffee, but it got so bad, I just went out and bought more!". She also feels that she wants to prepare a little bit more for baptism. We had a really good lesson with her on Friday where we talked about baptism and what reservations she had. The Spirit was really strong in the lesson, and we went over Alma's question to the people where he says, "what impedes you from being baptized?", and she looked at us and was like, "well, I guess nothing". We're gunna move her date forward a little bit, hopefully she can be baptized by the end of the month.
We've kept working with our investigators Tommy and Debora. They're seriously so cool, like some of my favorite people I've found on my mission. They are likely the first people I've taught where we mark to go by and teach them, and they are there EVERY. TIME. It's a Cape Verdean thing I guess. This week we took our Branch President with us to meet them, and the lesson we taught them lasted almost an hour, and despite the fact they're 17 and 15, they didn't care, and loved the whole thing! They had tons of questions about baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost, which was rad. On one of our subsequent visits, the rest of the family, who was sitting in the other room playing cards, was like, "wait, you're leaving already? stay and play with us!", to which we had to politely tell them we would next time :P because of their questions about baptism, we had planned to take Tommy to watch the baptisms on Saturday with us, Debora told us she would likely go to see her dad who lives on the other side of Praia, but when we showed up on Saturday, she answered the door, all dressed up, ready to go with us. It was funny because while at the church, Tommy kept teasing Debora, mostly when he found a poster showing the dress standards for youth, and Debora's dress didn't go to her knees, so he ripped on that. It was classic. They're like super prepared, really really cool. We should be seeing a lot of progression with them.
A fun thing that happened this week was a Stake activity in which they ran a 'mini-MTC' for a bunch of perspective missionaries, and every companionship of missionaries in Praia received two mini missionaries to take out and work with for a couple days, from Friday night til Sunday night. My recent convert from my last area, Adiley, was there and served for a couple days. It was so cool to see. For me, I got Brother Gomes, a kid who lives on the other side of Praia and is a member of 3 or 4 years or so. I know I could've been a little more patient with him than I was, but it was a fun experience for us. He was really excited by the end of it about what he learned, and has a solid desire to go out and serve a mission now. There were a few classic moments where he asked a couple of questions, like, "what time does church start?" to which I asked him, "well, what does your planner say?" or when I put on my sunglasses and he said, "oh, so you use those when the sun comes out?" and I told him, "when, yeah, they're sunglasses" hahahaha. He was a really sweet guy, and wrote me a really nice note that he hid in my scriptures telling me how much he liked his mini mission. It was a good experience. 
Elder Massey with "Elder" Gomes - his mini missionary

Another funny story from this week, I met up with a member, Tatiana, from Cova Figueira that shouted at me from a taxi one night on our way home. Thankfully Elder Masubelele, who also served in Cova Figueira, knew her, and she was also staying in his area, so we met up with them on Pday and had lunch at her aunt's restaurant and got to catch up with her. It's funny because this country is so small, you can literally see anyone you've met on your mission at any given point in time, especially in Praia, because people pass through here all the time. I found out this week that a couple I found through Adiley about 3 months ago is now getting married and baptized this week, and next week, Mundinho and Nixi from my last area are getting married! Always lots going on here. It's so cool to see the little ways in which the Lord uses you as his instrument at different points for different people.
Well, that's about been my week! Love y'all!
Elder Massey

Dancing in the streets

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