Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Chris Martin once sang about getting a tattoo that says 'together thru life' for the one he loves. While we know that the Lord doesn't want us to get tattoos, cuz that's bad, he has asked us to write the Savior's name on our heart, a sort of eternal ink if you think about it. 

This week started the last (or trunky) twelve weeks of my mission. Never thought that would happen. It's giving me time to reflect about how I've written the Savior's name on my heart, what it is to serve him, and what it is to love him through obedience. This week I got a bit of a wake up call on that, and it's got me thinking a lot. Funny how wake up calls work, isn't it?
One incredible thing from this week has been the progress of one of our thug friends, Obona. Since last week, he's continued to progress in leaps and bounds. The fact he went to church sent waves through our area, he's a pretty well known guy, and it got people talking. In just talking to other investigators and people in our area, we had at least 3 people tell us he invited them to church, and last night, Obona told us about a friend of his who said he wants to follow his example and get clean of all the bad stuff in his life. Amazing what one repentant thug can do, hey? This week, he's been an example to me of someone who's written the Savior's name on his heart. He's far from a perfect person, he doesn't speak Portuguese very well, can't read the best, but he's got that desire to change and be a better person. It's honestly been a miracle to see. At church on Sunday, he was there before us; we had passed his house at 10am and three different women on the street shouted, almost at the same time, that he'd already gone. He's got these real cool round sunglasses and always shouts his name to announce himself. My favorite line we got from him this week was when we taught him the Word of Wisdom, in which he told us he'd already stopped drinking and smoking, and when his friends offered him some or invited him to a party, he responded, 'sorry, my religion doesn't permit that'. He's not even baptized yet! It was so cool. He's awesome.
Transfers happened on Wednesday. It was sorta weird. Elder McMullin got sent out to Sao Nicolau, and Elder Bullock left to Fogo again. Second time that we've all been in the same zone and they've proceeded to leave me. One gets over it after a while. Elder McMullin's spot got taken by Elder Cosmo, who I know well from our Fogo days, having been in Cova Figueira together for more than 4 transfers. It's good for Elder Hingano, Elder McMullin's son, cuz now he's got the trial by fire with Portuguese going on. I've taken over District Leader responsibilities, making it the second time I'm District Leader in this district. I'm pumped to still be here.
It started to rain pretty good this week. Santiago is turning green, which is my favorite thing ever. It always sorta happens overnight. 

Elder Ronces and I are tearing it up right now. He's getting really good at teaching, and I can trust him with anything in a lesson at this point. He's getting creole down pretty good too, I'm proud of him.

Been a good week. This week should be even better :)
Love y'all!
Elder Massey

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