Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A month in the Lord's army

Hello all!
It's been a month on the inside. It's hard to believe sometimes there's a whole world going on outside these walls. The walls are the only things I know any more. These walls are comfort. These walls are life.
It's been another good week! First week as a district leader has gone pretty well. We've been able to set goals and grow as a district, it's really cool to see. One of the amazing things to see is how the Lord works through us as we learn the language. Portuguese is honestly an incredible language, I love it so much. I see every day how I'm able to improve and grown in my ability through help from the Lord. Some days, he gives me the Gift of Tongues freely, and other days he seeks to humble me by pulling it away. I never understood how that could work before a mission, but man do I see it now. 
I had the opportunity to host new missionaries as they were dropped of last Wednesday, and got the opportunity (by total chance) to host Curtis Davidsen! IT was so cool!! I walked up to the car and I was like 'HEY! I know you guys!!'. It was so cool :)
We had our second TRC this week, and we got to meet with 2 different people. We meet with Mia, from Hawaii, who served in Brazil, and we were able to share a simple message, and I understood everything she said! It was so cool! After, we taught a really cool guy named Devin, who also served in Brazil, but had WAY more of an accent, and I was able to catch about 40% of what he said. Like I said, the Lord feels the need to take away the Gift of Tongues sometimes, and that's when we REALLY learn. 
I'm still enjoying the MTC a lot. It's a super cool opportunity to be here right now. The MTC Presidency had their last devotional on Sunday, and we closed with singing 'God Be With You Til We Meet Again' and the Spirit was so incredibly strong. It was amazing. We should have a new Presidency in tonight though, which should be interesting. 
The last main thing to happen this week was saying goodbye to Elder Jensen last night. He shipped out to the field this morning. I'm so excited for him, and I know he'll be an incredible missionary. 
Have an incredible week everyone!!
Elder Massey

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