Thursday, 22 January 2015

What Even is Time Anymore?

                                                   Elder Brownlee from Calgary!  Small world!

                                 Elder Bannerman from Michigan who is also going to Cape Verde

It's been week five in the MTC, and MAN, time just feels like its all molding into one! It's hard sometimes to remember what happened last week different from the week before. It gets harder and harder to believe sometimes that there is a world outside the MTC, and even though people write me and SAY there's a world out there, I'm not too sure if I believe all of you :P
This week has been a good one, though. Last Tuesday, we had the awesome opportunity to hear from Elder Nelson again, he and his wife came and spoke to us again, as it was the MTC Presidency's last Devotional. For being 90 years old, it's incredible how fast and energetic he is, holy! It's super cool to see though, and to see how much love an Apostle of the Lord can have for us.
On Friday, we got to speak with a person from Brazil on Skype, which was pretty darn cool. Our first guy we called lost his connection, so we had to call a friend of one of our teachers to talk to briefly, but it calmed SOME of my fears about not being able to understand native-speaking Portuguese people. I got just about everything they said!! It's seriously so cool how the Lord helps us learn and grow, both within the language, and as missionaries. I'm really learning to love this language, Portuguese is the tongue of the chosen people. I'm so excited I've got the opportunity to learn it and grow through it. Heavenly Father helps me every single day with it!
On Sunday, we had our new MTC Presidency come in. It was a cool devotional, getting to hear from them and their wives. They happen to be EXTRA cool, because they all, at some point or another, served a mission in Brazil, or Portugal, as missionaries, or mission presidents. They're basically our homies, even though we've never talked to them. 
A couple other things that have happened this week:
Elder Penner and I, during our gym time, have decided to get big, and real strong, by running a mile every day, and doing 75 push-ups, and 60 sit-ups. It's always a good push, and a good way to get moving and let everything out. 
We've begun to refer to the MTC as the 'Telestial Kingdom', as dubbed by Elder Kroll. As awesome as an experience as it is, I think we're all ready to get going. We've started a 'Final Countdown' on the board in our classroom. 14 days!!
I've also memorized Doctrine and Covenants 4 in Portuguese, I'm pretty pumped about that. It feels pretty boss to go off in a different language. Portuguese rocks!
Being a missionary is truly the best job on Earth. 
Thanks for all your love and support! You all rock!
Eu amo vôces!  (I love you!)

Elder Massey

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