Friday, 2 January 2015

Those Christmas Lights Keep Shining On

Hello all!!
It's been a whole week again in the MTC here (or so they tell me, it really feels like a day since I last wrote). 
Christmas in the MTC was a blast. We had a devotional from Russell M. Nelson in the morning, for which our district sat in the second row. It was really an awesome experience. He spoke of the different aspects of the gospel that make up the message of Christ, it truly was a fantastic message. As he closed, he bore his testimony saying "I know the God lives". How incredible a statement. He knows. I don't beleive he has faith, but that what he has, is a true knowledge of what he bears testimony of. He gave us, as missionaries, an apostolic blessing, of well being, of love and care, of the constant companionship of the Spirit, and of so many other amazing things. He opened his talk my making sure we told everyone at home that he wants to say 'Thank you', to all of our families. He told us, that he, the Quourum of the Twelve, and the First Presidency, all say thank you, to all of YOU. How does that make you feel? I'd say pretty darn special. The rest of Christmas was pretty nice too, we got to see different talents of missionaries at a Talent Show, we had an evening program that included musical numbers from actors playing in the local production of A Christmas Carol, and closed out the day by watch Ephraim's Rescue, a movie about the story of a man who helped give aid to the early pioneers crossing the plains in the hand cart companies. It was really an awesome movie. Christmas in the MTC sure was a treat.
The rest of this week has REALLY flown by. The language gets better every day. Some elders are really getting down on themselves for not learning the language as fast as they beleive they should, but it truly is a process. All I can say is that it gets better every day. It truly is SO different.
IT's been snowing a lot, which has caused for a few elders in my district (myslef included) doing a nightly run of what we call 'The Barefoot 100'. What we do, is we take off our shoes and socks, and run a lap of our residence building, in as much snow as we can. It's truly fantastic. 
This past Sunday, we had the opportunity to hear from David Archuleta and Richard Elliot, the organist for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. He played various arrangements for us, and David Archuleta sang versions of 'If the Savior Stood Beside Me', and 'Come Come Ye Saints', among many others. It was such a treat to hear from both of them. We closed the meeting by hearing Brother Elliot playing Hark All Ye Nations with Brother Archuleta singing, before we joined in on the last verse. I could only think of how jealous SOME freinds back home would be to know that I was sitting 5 rows back for David Archuleta, singing different church hymsn. It was so so cool. 
I think of all of you back home so much, and appreciate your kind words, support, and packages.
Thank you all!
Love, Elder Massey, 2.0
                                                        Elder Bullock and Elder Massey

                                                        The district on Christmas Day

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  1. How great to sit a the feet of the prophets. Lucky you. What an awesome experience. Didn't know you loved Coldplay. So do I. Bet you didn't know that! Great letters elder Massey. Best wishes for the new year. Glad you have a blog.