Wednesday, 7 January 2015

New Year, New District Leader

Happy New Year all! I guess its 2015 now so that's pretty boss.
Our New Year's celebrations weren't much, because the MTC didn't make much of a spectacle of it (big surprise, I know) BUT we did have a fun time in the dorms on New Year's Eve. I received a beautiful gift of two small Martinelli's Sparkling Cider, which were popped and passed around. We did our final Barefoot 100, with celebration in the form of confetti poppers. There was lots of singing and shouting and yeah, it was a swell time. I spent most of my New Year's Eve night eating chips and queso in my room with Elder Buchanan and Elder Jones, which was basically it's own swag party all together.
Other than that, not much has been made of the New Year. Some exciting news from this week, Kenrick *cough* I mean Elder Jensen, came to the MTC, and just HAPPENS to be on my floor. We're hanging out just about every night, it's pretty darn cool. 
We had a change up in our zone on Sunday, they changed out our zone leaders with Elder Bullock and Elder Masubelele, which meant a district leader needed to be called. And who got called? Well, certainly only Elder Massey 2.0! What took the so-called 'Elder Massey the First' months to achieve, only took the new-and-improved version THREE WEEKS. Joking aside, I don't mean to be prideful in my calling by any means. I'm excited for the opportunity I have to serve the elders in my district, and learn how to be a leader. I have such and awesome district, and I'm so excited to be able to go through this glorious MTC with them. 
Portuguese continues to come along! On Sunday, we had our fast Sunday, in which we, as a district, decided to fast for the Gift of Tongues, and for the Gift of Teaching, and honestly, I've noticed an effect already. It is seriously so cool. Sunday night, I said our room prayer before we went to bed, and it was probably the best I've spoken so far. The Lord truly does help His servants. It's awesome :)
On Friday, we have the opportunity to do a thing called TRC, Teaching Resource Centre. Last Firday was our first TRC, and what we get to do, is we have the opportunity to meet with a Portuguese speaking member, for about 20 minutes, and share a message with them, just as missionaries do when they come over for dinner appointments. Elder Maake and I met a guy named Zach who served in Brazil, and it went really really well. Maake was so pumped after, and gave me the first genuine thank you since being here. It was really cool of him to do so. Things get sorta better every day, but it's no secret I'm not his favorite person in the world. We continue to work at it though, and I notice the Lord helping us in some way every day :)
On Sunday, we found out we'll be getting a new MTC presidency in about a week or so here. Guess that's kinda exciting, it might mean we get to see another general authority come through, which would be super neat. 
Anyways, I think that's all for now. Stay warm Canada!

Elder Massey, the Greater
              Elders Platt (California) Massey and Bullock (Sean's EFY friend going to the same mission!)

                                                           Almost halfway there....MTC that is!

                  Sean's MTC teacher who is the older brother of one of Mark's friends on his mission!
                                so this is Elder Massey Jr. with Brother (formerly Elder!) Lemperle Sr.

Elder Massey Sr. (on the right in black) with Elder Lemperle Jr. (on the right in red)

It truly is a small world!

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